Project Management

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Project Management Flow

The following are typical steps when contracting Lucidtron project management partner.

This optional step is where you supply the design concept and/or functional specification. If necessary we can provide a service to create a complete specification based on this (waterfall management) or iterate based on this design (agile development)
The product specification is complete. When a specification is provided, our team will work with you to ensure the specification is up to date and complete enough for us to proceed
This is a prototype that displays many of the features of the final design while not using all of the design components. For example the we may use a different controller or technology to achieve the required functionality. For design heavy projects this may also represent a 3D printed design. The aim is to evaluate major features of the design with minimal design effort, so as to aid the specification phases. Depending on your design approach, this step can be non existent or iterative including many different engineering disciplines
The design and specification is frozen at this point. Both you and Lucidtron are happy to proceed along the chosen project path to create the product. This phase is usually accompanied by an acknowledged complete specification or statement of intent. Design changes after this point will progress back to the first step
This prototyping phase will aim to create the necessary platforms for the design, development and engineering teams to proceed as required. This will offer the fastest method to begin software and hardware design while lowering the risk of hardware 'bugs'.
The majority of the project time will be consumed with design and engineering. At this point our teams will work the system components to create the final products for manufacture.
The product concept and specification goes through a first pass industrialisation process. The aim of this stage is to ensure that the product is manufacturable, and will achieve the major design goals. This stage can result in modifications to the specifications
Pilot run production is tested and sent to customer for approval
You will work with our test and QA divisions to generate the required test coverage and QA plan
You will agree that the engineering designs (where necessary) are complete enough to move to the tooling/factory phase
After engineering is complete and signed off, essential tooling for plastics, metalwork, PCB/PCBA etc can begin. This phase is often pre-empted where timescales are short
Our manufacturing team will generate all of the necessary documentation and transfer this to the factory such that production can proceed. This includes BOM, purchase information, consigned materials, production instructions, test hardware and software, test and manufacture instructions etc.
An initial small pilot run is performed to ensure production process is correct. Fine tuning of the process is carried out
Depending on the product, the golden samples are used to perform extended testing and any necessary FCC/CE (etc.) certifications
Once the pilot is approved, manufacturing process is accepted and mass production can begin
Depending on the service level selected, additional after sales services can be assumed and/or facilitated by Lucidtron. These include warranty, technical support and infrastructure management

Production Management Phases

The following are typical steps when contracting Lucidtron as a manufacturing partner.

  • Receive RFQ
  • Meeting and assessment of services
  • Creation of an internal Job folder
  • Pre-specification phase
  • Submit quotation
  • Quotation
  • Acceptance
  • Payment
  • Certification and regulations study
  • Schedule design
  • Source components, moulds, blueprints
  • Schedule production
  • Schedule Labour
  • Create QA Documents
  • Create test documents and procedures
  • Deliver job folder to production manager
  • Order components
  • Daily Production follow up
  • Review and cross check of test results
  • Assembly and packaging (per customer request)
  • Traceability
  • Final payment made as per terms of engagement
  • Shipping/Forwarding/Warehousing
  • Products delivery according to customer request