Who We Are

The head office of Lucidtron is ideally located in Hong Kong where world class business infrastructure ensures reliability and reactivity. The office is home of the finance and administrative departments while integrating with China based sourcing, procurement and logistics. Lucidtron is building up state of the art production capabilities in China and the Philippine PEZA economic zones, where we can benefit from the most competitive pricing and taxation optimisation to provide high quality production facilities at highly competitive pricing. It is home to our production team, and the core of our workforce, ideally suited to medium to large scale production.
Our suppliers and partners are located throughout the Asia region, where we control the balance of cost and quality to optimise our processes for our clients' requirements. Utilising our strong and plentiful relationships with third party suppliers allow us to be incredibly competitive across the full manufacturing range, from high mix low volume to low mix high volume.

  • Private Limited company registered in Hong Kong, established 2015
  • Founded and run by technology and service professionals, with many years of experience in engineering, manufacture and logistics
  • Headquarters in Hong Kong, operations in China and South East Asia
  • Sales channels in UK and Europe, North and South America and ANZ
  • Design partners in Hong Kong, China and Europe
  • Complete solution provider for design, development and manufacture of electronic devices

At Lucidtron it is all about our team. We have many years of experience creating things, and our team comprises experts in all facets of project, design, development, test and manufacture. We value our team and their contribution, and we know you will be impressed with what they can do. We stand strong and believe in our core values, and we strive to be a partner before a supplier. We work hard to produce the results that keep our customers coming back. We search for the best suppliers and the best possible pricing, and continuously enhance and update our supplier databases. We are pragmatic in our approach but at the same time push boundaries in what we do to deliver results that matter; results that make our clients successful.

  • Lucidity - A new paradigm. We offer our services to you in an open manner so that we can grow together.
  • Excellence - We aim to be the best
  • Virtue - A union built on trust
  • Vision - World class organization that our customers want to work with, that great people want to be part of, where customers expect outstanding results, and where we are trusted to exceed expectations
  • Mission - To bring world class engineering services to SME’s and to ensure the success of their projects using outstanding design and innovation. To innovate above all else, to think outside the box, and to bring the benefits to our customer base

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