Why Us

We are a new breed of EMS, specifically targeting start-ups and SME's. We provide all of the standard services provided by traditional EMS providers, but provide them in a way that is tailored and much more suited to the modern business models of Internet of Things startups.

Lucidtron can bridge the gaps in your product development teams and processes, allowing you to focus your energy on what you are good at, or we can offer full product design and manufacture (turn key ODM model). If you need help in any area, we have experts that can fill those gaps. We provide access to our services and suppliers that are typically only available at much larger contract volumes or cost, while ensuring quality and rapid response.

In the age of the Internet of Things, there are a rapidly rising number of applications for electronic devices and connected objects. Typically an SME will start with an idea, find or invest funds and begin the design. The road from idea or concept to mass production is long, complicated and typically fraught with many risks and hazards that are difficult to estimate without deep product knowledge. These include design risks, certification oversights, hidden costs and the omnipresent risk of multiple redesigns. These unseen and unaccounted risks are the single highest reason that product launches fail.

Lucidtron is experienced in complete product design cycle, and is able to guide you through the entire process from start to finish at the outset, mitigating many of the product life cycle risks. Our combined experience will guide you and our insight will allow you to foresee many of the major obstacles in getting your idea to market. This knowledge allows timely reactions and avoid the dangerous design iterations that most commonly makes the difference between success and failure. Because Lucidtron makes use of many different geographically separated suppliers, and maintains detailed information and metrics on what they provide and their associated performance, we can tailor our services perfectly to meet your budget and requirements. As we have ongoing business and maintain regular communication with our network, we can provide a level of service that is difficult or impossible for a small resource constrained company. After all, your energy is best served on building your company right?

If you have no technical team and no technical experience at all, Lucidtron offers a design consultancy service where we will first perform a product appraisal, a paper design, project plan and budget estimates. This provides a low risk entry point for your project, and can typically be completed within 4 weeks from a sales order. When you start the project with Lucidtron, we will first introduce you to our project management office and assign one of our experience project managers for regular liaison who will guide you through our standard processes and procedures. If you decide to continue product development or manufacture through Lucidtron, the project manager will then assign engineering resource as is needed to complete your project according to the agreed specification.

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